Free Wireless Man’s mission is to help Everyone get Free Cell Phone Service & Get Paid For Life! If you are paying more than $0 on your cell phone bill each month or need to Make more Money, he can help!

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Free Wireless Man was born into a world with no wireless, at least as you now know it. But he Knew he was destined for something Great(mainly because his name is Free Wireless Man)and was repeatedly told by his parents that he was just ahead of his time and that he would eventually grow into his name.

Then in 1984 he heard rumors of a new commercial wireless technology that was starting to become available and spread across the country. He got excited and though his day was finally here…but sadly no, there was still no place in that 1G wireless world for Free Wireless Man.

The 1990s bring the birth of the then new 2nd Generation of wireless. Things had progressed from the old analog to the new age of digital wireless service. But alas, there was still no place for the eager & waiting Free Wireless Man. His parents & friends began to wonder if there would ever be a place for him, but they didn’t let on, and just told him that his time would come in Th Future.

As the turn of the century & the new millennium got under way, Free Wireless Man just Knew that his time had surely come, “…after all we’re into the 2000s now”, he figured. And although the this new 3G world of wireless brought us better & cooler phones and high speed mobile data, Free Wireless Man was still a Freedom Rebel Without A Cause. He began to lose hope that he would ever become anything to anyone besides a lost & faded memory.

But then something strange happened. One night while Free Wireless Man was sleeping, he had a dream “The Dream”! In his dream, seen himself in The Future, he wasn’t sure when exactly it was, but he was surrounded by people everywhere he went across the country and They All Had Cell Phones & were cheering and yelling…”We Love you Free Wireless Man…” “Free Wireless Man…You Rock…” “4G is Awesome ” I Love Free Wireless”! And right before he woke up, he heard a big voice whisper to him…”Have faith my child, your time is coming, The Future is upon you now…”. Free Wireless Man woke up in a cold sweat, shaking with excitement…feeling that his time was finally near.

In 2010…THE FUTURE BEGAN! Free Wireless Man has found his purpose in life…he has found his mission…he now knows why he was born…He’s Here To Help YOU, Everyone You Know & Everyone You Don’t Know, GET FREE CELL PHONE SERVICE & GET PAID…For LIFE!!!

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